Seattle, WA, April 25, 2017 - The Seattle Design Commission has awarded Fire Station 20 one of the four design excellence awards for the 2016-2018-biennium. The Design Commission selects projects that reflect its values of inspired design, contextual integration, innovative sustainability, social inclusion, exemplary partnerships, effective investment and impeccable execution. The projects are chosen from the public buildings, parks and open spaces completed in Seattle since the last round of awards.

Fire Station 20 is a replacement of the original 60-year-old station to serve the growing Interbay community. The city identified this project as an opportunity to create a strong civic presence for the fire department while setting a new high-performance design standard for its facilities. This resulted in an aggressive approach to integrating conservation measures, resulting in a LEED Platinum Certified building.

The building achieved 98 LEED Platinum Points, the highest score of any fire station in the United States at the time of construction. The 24/7/365 operating facility utilizes 30% of the energy required for a typical fire station.


  Sustainable Systems

    • ground source water-to-water heat pump
    • 50% effective heat recovery
    • ground source water side economizer
    • gray water reclaim
    • radiant floor
    • occupancy variable speed exhaust control
    • CO2 demand control

  Control System Highlights

    • demand control ventilation
    • apparatus bay NO & CO exhaust and ceiling fans
    • VAV terminal units
    • apparatus bay radiant floor
    • occupancy sensor controlled exhaust systems