Technology’s influence on system sophistication has enhanced the need for a qualified commissioning consultant who can partner well with the engineering, maintenance and conservation teams. Understanding the commissioning agent’s role, project intent and ability to pinpoint alterations early benefits the project and business unit as a whole. This approach implies early engagement in the deployment phase to establish a framework that will best support the project through design, construction and post-occupancy. We embrace the approach as it aligns with our focus on the building operations and system performance for a smooth hand-off to the maintenance and operations team. The value this creates for our clients is realized throughout the project evolution.

Early Engagement

coordinated deliverables that support the immediate and long-term goals of the facility per the owner standards; develop temperature setpoints, hours of operations, and occupancy timing, etc criteria as clear direction to the controls contractor

Stakeholder Integration

garner maintenance staff input in developing the appropriate alarming and response (alert, acknowledgment required, lock-out until resolved) for the system that are referenced in the O&M manual

‘Smart’ Clarification Questions

access to in-house engineers who understand the evolution in technology (DDC/ EMS, BAS to AI or predictive) and have addressed new factors (code evolution, third party certifications, industry standards) as a resource to aid in design clarification questions

Accessibility & Verification

on-site presence to lead commissioning services backed by refined processes to expedite issues log resolution; confirmation of system alarm prioritization with O&M staff; site observation reports that clarify and support design; hand-off with properly documented system functioning

Operational Efficiencies

provide training for proper system maintenance and operations; apply measure and verification expertise to commission system in the off season they were constructed for comparison to energy model and/ or OPR.

Applied to multiple projects under an enterprise umbrella, we are able to create a framework that brings lessons learned forward, applies consistency across commissioning documentation, management and maintenance of the enterprise templates and a level of customer service and care clients expect of Hargis.