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Experience Matters

Throughout our history, we have developed an approach that supports enterprise programs. Applied to Fortune 100 and 500 companies as their business models have matured and operating footprints expanded, these founding principles have enabled us to adapt to their changing needs.


It takes a certain personality to work on behalf of an owner in the position to critique someone else’s work. Reading the audience, engaging with the team and actively seeking methods to build respect, rapport and understanding are cornerstone to our ability to fulfill the owner advocate position tactfully. A testament to our ability to serve in this capacity is realized in the streamlined the North American commissioning program we developed for a dynamic a Fortune 100 global online retailer.

The program reinforces industry best practices while reflecting stakeholders’ interests in the commissioning process for its mission-critical facilities. The program established a standard responsible for continuity across 1,000 facilities (50,000 sf to >1+Million sf) valued at $300+ Billion in construction. 

Actively engaged in the application of the standard, we have commissioned a quarter (250+) of the facilities, while continuing to provide program leadership. Our program manager, and author of the standard, works directly with client stakeholders in reporting out the commissioning activities, adherence to the specification and updating the Cx plan as necessary. 


This client’s 200,000 -375,000 sf highly automated food distribution facilities offer state-of-the-art sorting technology and end-to-end cold solutions. Hargis developed a mechanical and electrical commissioning standard including the commissioning plan, specifications, pre-functional and functional performance tests. The standard has been implemented at two locations to date.


NDA Global e-Commerce & Web Services Provider, 20 locations
Microsoft Data Centers, 5 locations
Sabey Data Center
Vantage Data Center