As governing bodies adopt more aggressive energy conservation goals, commissioning is being integrated into the qualifying process. Some of the nation’s most aggressive conservation standards and adopted sustainable benchmarks are taking aim at realizing energy savings in performance over predicted calculations through fundamental and enhanced commissioning.

      LEED 2009 (v3)  LEED 2013 (v4) 
Commissioning Agent's Role CalGreen  Title 241 (2013) Fundamental Enhanced2 Fundamental Enhanced
Review Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) (√)3    
Review Engineer’s Basis of Design (BOD) (√)3    
Commissioning Specs 4    
Commissioning Plan    
Verify installation and the performance of commissioned systems:            
    Lighting/Lighting Controls    
    Renewable Energy      
    Domestic Hot Water      
    Building Control System    
    Irrigation System          
    Site Built Fenestration          
Commissioning Summary Report    
Design Review            
    Compliance with BOD, OPR, Commissionability   5    
    Building Envelope          
Review Submittals        
Systems Manual for the Building Engineer    
Verify Owner Training    
Post‐occupancy Review        
M&V Plan           6
Envelope Commissioning           7
  1. Not required for buildings less than 10,000 square feet, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Pursuing Enhanced Commissioning adds 2 points for New Construction and 5 points for Tenant Improvement (Commercial Interiors) projects.
  3. OPR and BOD are required, but not required for CxA review.
  4. Required regardless of building size.
  5. If building is <10,000 square feet, may be done by the design engineer. Between 10‐50,000 sq ft, in‐house. 3rd Party. >50,000 sq ft or complex mechanical system, independent 3rd Party.
  6. Path 2, Option 1. Note exception for data centers.
  7. Path 2, Option 2.