Competing for on-call/task-order contracts with an 80% success rate may peak some interest. Earning many of them back-to-back while contributing to the standardization and execution of significant enterprise-wide system upgrades as the leading prime consultant, gives reason to pause and take a closer look at why owners directly engage us for their capital projects.  

Continuity is one of the strongest assets we bring to each project. Dedicating experienced individuals to serve from beginning to end instills ownership in the project outcome as well as insight in the factors that influenced the adopted solution. Coupled with a strong staff retention rate, these individuals are able to invest in understanding the client, what they seek in a consultant and what influences a successful outcome for their projects. Garnered over time, they become a trusted adviser that serves as an extension of the team.

This is coupled with our ability to mobilize teams quickly and effectively. Having access to in-house resources that are technical capability, adaptive and embrace our philosophy towards client care enables us to be responsive to emergency requests for services under the strictest of conditions.

Leadership is the quality that brings this all together. It is a common value instilled in each Hargis professional, from program manager to project engineer and business support staff member. Leading on behalf of the client, rather than building a portfolio, allows us to be creative in developing solutions responsive to client needs.

Planning & Programing

A pre-design typically signifies the point at which major projects enter the funding and capital improvement cycle. Its primary purpose is to identify the scope of work in its totality. In the pre-design efforts we lead, we intentionally evaluate how the overall project goal can be met over a phased schedule, possibly over multiple funding cycles given the possibility the project may only be partially funded or competing against other enterprise initiatives. We develop project approaches that leverage a phased investment to systematically build on the next while maintaining the integrity of the operating systems as a whole.  This approach has served multiple agencies, institutions, local school districts, public hospital districts, utility purveyors and civic organizations align capital improvements with available funding.

Urgent Task-Order Requests

Directives that come from on-call contracts are typically categorized into one of three categories: planning, deferred maintenance or urgent. Being able to absorb the influx of workload resulting from these types of requests requires the backing and depth of experienced professionals to lead each engagement.  They also call for creative approaches to meet project objectives. One such example was a series of six projects that needed to be scoped, designed, permitted and bid within an 8-week period to secure public funding. The complexity of the projects, couple with the constraints of budget and time, the team secured buy-in to complete the project under the job-order contracting (JOC) delivery method. When the pre-approved JOC vendor couldn’t meet the project schedule, we utilized our network of preferred contractors to regain the time lost and move the project forward on budget and on time.

Full Consulting Team Leadership

Discernment is another attribute of our prime leadership team. Their ability to address stakeholders’ objectives into a project approach, drive consensus and engage the appropriate resources (peer consultant, tradesperson, AHJ) has advanced projects and instilled value to the client.  Their unique approach has transcended program spaces and infrastructure maintained and operated by private corporations as well as those overseen by state, district, county and local entities.