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To be relevant as a consultant to the financial industry is demonstrating the ability to adapt to the various business lines and operational entities across the institution’s enterprise.  Becoming a trusted advisor is an intentional approach to discern enterprise objectives, provide project leadership and scale resources responsive to short- and long-term initiatives.  Our engagement in consumer banking, call center operations, critical computing and corporate spaces throughout the US offers a unique perspective to bridging enterprise objectives with system performance needs.

PROTOTYPEBrand Evolution & Prototypes

The proof-of-concept presents an opportunity to elevate brand recognition through engagement and enhanced customer experience. As one retail banker explored the idea of a personalized experience in their consumer banking model, we were engaged to develop a systems’ prototype and incorporate the institution standard. As a well-received model, the concept was adopted across the enterprise, including several new acquisitions.

Retail Banking Rollouts

As industry visionaries target new markets concurrent with brand evolution initiatives, it is critical to have a consulting team that can localize and uphold the enterprise standard. Our experience with a 4-year, 550+ branch rebranding accentuated our abilities to support the initiative technically, as well as demonstrate effective project management abilities and utilize strong industry relationship to best serve our mutual client.


Characterized as rapid conversion of an existing brand and infrastructure standard, effective approaches to mobilizing teams to create equity across the enterprise are critical to meeting program objectives. In a 124-branch and 18-administrative office acquisition, we were successful in meeting the 5-month design and construction schedule. Moreover, the program was completed in the heart of New York City and New Jersey key markets 4 short months after 9/11, while supporting other concurrent projects of similar magnitude for the institution. 

sqr_signal-white-01Critical Infrastructure

While evolutions in technology create viable business opportunities, implementing them on a national scale is a significant investment. One such example is with the common migration of legacy networks to more robust, reliable infrastructure. The impact can be experienced across all business lines in jurisdictions with variable requirements, available tradespersons and on-hand materials to support the overall initiative. We have supported multiple such efforts resulting in over $2+ billion in infrastructure upgrades.

sqr_maintenance_cost-02Operational Efficiency by Design

Reducing operating costs is common to facility planning. While some may seek third party certification, others seek adoption of new technologies permitted by other jurisdictions. Clients have turned to us to develop solutions for both cases: a regional LEED® certified conservation program and introduction of the VRF system to various jurisdictions. Meanwhile, clients continue to engage us to help drive down their energy costs through initiatives that address reduced maintenance costs, EMS and electrical metering strategies.