world-class education | leading-edge technology

The symbiotic relationship between academic institutions and world-class research organizations stems from a common place: the laboratory. As individuals prepare for and set out on a career in the scientific field, access to state-of-the art facilities and equipment is vital to their success. As a consultant that bridges academia with real-world application, we bring forth a history of engineering firsts that serve the advancement of the life/science industry.

Early Technology

Our experience with leading-edge technology parallels the evolution of the instruments that advance patient care. Involved with one of the first PET Scan installations in to a research facility, we have since engineered systems for several hospital and healthcare auxiliary facilities that offer this noninvasive service, as well as subsequent advancements like the hyperbaric chamber.

Accessing Nanotechnology for Cellular Discovery

The FEI T-20 electron microscope is an extremely sensitive piece of equipment that only a handful of owners operate in the United States. Its strict stable temperature and relative humidity control and vibration isolation requirements were at the center of the design solutions to uphold the $2 million instrument’s performance and warranty criteria. Successfully locating a suite to accommodate the instrument, the team orchestrated the integration of systems dedicated to serving the space from an adjacent space within a research, operational hospital.

Simulation Laboratories

Simulation labs are integrated into 2- and 4-year institutions allied health instructional spaces. The facility design offers nursing students access to a simulated clinical environment to practice medical techniques and learn basic nursing skills. The labs feature patient rooms, nursing skill facilities and teaching spaces, which include fully simulated equipment to support healthcare practice. Engaged with early adopters of this teaching model, Hargis has contributed to 4 partially integrated and dedicated building designs.