engineering for operations

An advantage of serving a broad range of markets is the opportunity to apply a wide variety of technical solutions and build experience discerning how business objectives drive system selection. An owner-operated capital investment calls for a different approach when compared to an asset development that is expected to be sold in the near term. Balancing energy efficiency, flexibility, scalability and marketability is characteristic of commercial development planning. Hargis has served the various configurations, working with stakeholders to identify viable options, implications and potential near- and long-term outcomes in terms relevant to their areas of interest. We build consensus and serve as an owner’s advocate that translates into future partnering to advance their business objectives.

Green Lake Village

As a long-term investment for a family-owned operation, the stakeholders turned to Hargis as the consulting engineer of record to educate them on options for low maintenance and energy efficient mechanical systems that would complement other sustainable features planned for the facility. The adopted sustainable solutions helped achieve LEED® silver rating and attract a key anchor tenant that shares a similar approach to capital planning.

Avalonbay Communities

An equity REIT that focuses on urban apartment communities in 10 states, we have adapted services to meet the needs of three properties in the greater Seattle area. Engaged under a design-assist model, we applied our technical knowledge and ability to effectively work with the stringent local jurisdictions having authority to serve the dense urban high-rises and mid-story multiple city blocks phased developments. We have extended our services to help achieve LEED® silver certification for a twin tower high-rise and secure a large utility grant that provides first and long-term cost benefits to the owner.

Stadium Place (aka North Lot 255)

The vibrancy of two relatively new stadiums and a growing Sodo District positioned the North Lot as a prime development opportunity.  Telecommunications shell and core solutions for the 23-story hotel and 18-story office towers accommodate a flexible configuration, with the podium parking garage, amenity spaces and hotel tenant improvement having tailored solutions to accommodate mobility and point-of-purchase applications.


Concentrated on the short-term and amenities portion of the 6,000-acre resort destination, we applied our hospitality background to masterplan the Village Core; design the Swim/Fitness Center, Site Lighting, Tumble Creek Activities Center and the Sales Center.  Unique lighting and audio-visual solutions were developed to accommodate the flexible use of a large common area that serves as an amphitheater in the summer and an ice rink in the winter.