contributing to brand equity serving as client advocate for 4 decades...and counting

Starting out as a small, family-owned shoe retailer in Seattle, Nordstrom has grown into a leading specialty fashion retailer with stores in 39 states and a growing presence in Canada. Their ability to navigate and influence this highly competitive market for over 100 years is attributed to their business savvy and customer service model. Continually evolving to create a positive guest experience, store planning and design becomes part of the solution.

Introduced to Hargis in 1977, Nordstrom has continued to turn to Hargis as its exclusive plumbing, electrical, telecommunications and security consultant across multiple business lines. As they have entered new markets, acquired brands, rolled out new programs and evaluated energy conservation opportunities, we have applied our consultant experience and business know-how to serve as an extension of their in-house store planning team.

Nordstrom [full line stores]

Adopting the Nordstrom philosophy towards patron services, Hargis has collaborated with stakeholders to utilize brand standards, advancements in technology and evolution in consumer behaviors to align store design with overall business objectives. This has translated into 40-year relationship and entering high-stake markets that required tenacity and a unified team approach to open stores in locations like Aloa Moana (HI) and Canada.

Nordstrom Rack

The value shopper’s treasure hunt, RACKS offer high-end brand names at a value price. Recent urban take-overs have created access to these brands in dense urban locations, translating into a 300% increase in request for services from Hargis’ team to meet business objectives over the past five years. 

Guest Services

What better way to top off a day of shopping with a meal, spa treatment or a little pick-me up. Integrating cafés, spas and eBars, Hargis has designed the specialty systems that support the integration of these spaces into the full line stores.


Strategically located throughout the US and Canada, these large volume spaces are designed around security, loss prevention and an efficient approach to material handling.

High Technology

The high-stakes competitive nature of retail requires back of office systems and e-commerce infrastructure to market, administer and support the various business lines. Realized in the form of regional data centers, call centers and photo studios, we have applied our knowledge of these technology enriched spaces.