Hargis Hargis


Hargis believes in relationship.

We celebrate the human element of engineering. Our goal is to provide you with a place to grow professionally, while also enjoying where you work on a personal level. We know that being relational is the key to success.


It’s personal.

Common values often lead to common interests.
While our professional aspirations bring us together, it is the diversity and size of our team where bonds are created and lasting friendships emerge.


It’s a team thing.

We like to have fun and celebrate our community.
Small group and company-wide activities are a great way to break the mold and enjoy relationships outside the workplace.


Giving back to our community.

Corporate and individual giving are core team values.
We provide opportunities to extend ourselves individually and collectively to community partners who address important issues.


Training future consultants.

Investing in the next generation is part of the Hargis DNA.
Our leadership team enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge
and support individual career growth.

Do you have what it takes?
The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to interface with multiple team members, be responsive to requests for services, thorough in completing assigned tasks, and most importantly have the attitude and aptitude for learning.


We hire for careers.

A mutual investment in professional growth.
With the same intentional approach we take towards client development,
we invest in our staff to realize their full potential.