trademarks of today’s successful consulting engineer

An engineer's career path can take many forms, twists and turns. Applying oneself as a life-long learner and finding the right fit are cornerstone to a rewarding consulting career. 

Establish a Foundation

Establish technical understanding and related project deliverables 

Exposure to codes requirements and client design standards

Build a Knowledge Base

Develop ability to interpret and apply codes appropriately

Develop understanding of system constructibility

Develop understanding of system contingencies and coordinate accordingly

Earn Accreditation

Seek industry-recognized credentials

Become a resource to new designers

Develop Specialty

Identify technical strengths and applicable market(s) 

Build portfolio of experience that demonstrates consistency in application

Received as a Knowledgeable Consultant

Build rapport with clients to become a preferred consultant

Build leadership skills to effectively lead a project team

Share best practices with colleagues

Consultant Leader

Cornerstone to advancing a consulting career is taking on additional responsibility that extends beyond technical know-how and upholding a level of accountability to clients and colleagues.

Project Management

Apply technical knowledge to drive system selection, guide design and actively participate in project team meetings

Craft fee proposals, manage fee expenditures

Engage and coordinate with sub consultants, as applicable

Program Management

Independently lead client services

Actively lead projects while guiding design teams

Negotiate Contracts

Consulting Business Leader

Respected leaders tend to embrace the responsibility to and for others in their approach to leading a firm. At Hargis, in addition to serving as a project manager and program manager, these individuals also accept and fulfill the needs of:

Technical Leadership

Define technical standards firm wide 

Develop, distribute and uphold quality control program

Uphold firm standard of service 

Understand and articulate code of ethics

Understand and apply contractual obligations and impacts to insurability

Be willing to pioneer new approaches and technical solutions with tenacity to achieve success

Serve as a technical resource and mentor internally and externally

Business Administration

Understand business finances and implications

Uphold human resource responsibilities 

Adhere to industry code of ethics

Actively engage in marketing and business development activities

Continued Operations

Maintain client relationships and satisfaction

Maintain pulse on industry-influencing factors

Provide vision and pathway for continued innovation

Invest in future leaders' professional growth

Be willing to challenge oneself to take calculated risks