In an industry where service is personal, a competitive nature is common and creative solutions are critical, words of gratitude are appreciated.


“Hargis’ extremely responsive single-point project management, and the clear communication and coordination between the different engineering disciplines, truly sets them apart from other engineering firms.

Hargis’ collective technical knowledge and experience is deep enough and broad enough in such a variety of project types that when faced with an unusual situation the result is still a seamless engineering package.

Hargis is consistently responsive with outstanding service. Their ability to satisfy tenant and landlord criteria in accordance with jurisdictions across the United States has made them a key component to our success in meeting the client’s aggressive expansion schedule.”

– national specialty retailer architect


“In my career, it has been rare to find such good collaboration between the real estate team and the infrastructure build-out team. Each of you was personally instrumental, in my opinion, in setting-up the relationship for success, and delivering above-and-beyond, consistently. I admit to being a demanding client, but you have always met (and even raised) the bar!”

– Head of EMEA Global Real Estate & Facilities, online web service provider & retailer


“Hargis has consistently demonstrated the ability to scale resources appropriately to meet our demands (and their other clients’) and our dynamic workload. I remain completely confident that they would provide the same level of service that I have come to expect over the years if they were to support you and your project. In fact I would recommend to any potential client of Hargis that they use them.”

– Project Manager, specializing in critical enterprise environments


“As an IT manager, I was involved with a 2-phased project here in Japan. Throughout the duration of this project, I experienced your genuine cooperative style and collaborative nature with both our local team, as well as the US design team. I believe these traits were large contributors to our successful launch.

This was my first opportunity to work with Hargis. Despite our new working relationship, it did not take long for us to realize the value you offer. As you know, we are a fast-moving company, driven by tight, dynamic schedules. Hargis had no problem keeping up with us. For us, it is vital to find business partners that can keep pace with us. Integrating you into our team is definitely positive ROI, and I am glad you are on the team.”

–  Japan Corporate Services Manager, online web service provider & retailer


“Hargis takes the responsibility of the design and construction management seriously. They have worked to ensure that the project will meet the schedule and budget requirements. They ensure that things do not fall through the cracks and that issues are resolved in a timely manner. They always represent and protect the owner’s interests first and foremost.”

– Project Manager, state institution


“Hargis is responsive and expert. Their engineers provide a thorough evaluation of existing conditions, reliably define deficiencies, and provide a range of alternative solutions to problems. Their project managers excel at services during construction, ensuring that the contractor’s work and materials are correct throughout the project, and that the owner’s functional requirements are fully met.”

– Project Manager, state institution


“Often times with contractor support you get the level of support that’s written in to the contract. While this is true with Hargis Engineering, it does not fully recognize the personal factor; it doesn’t recognize that true success depends upon the willingness and dedication of individuals. Their performance in this recent operation reflected the highest level of professional expertise and personal desire to provide outstanding customer service.”

– Project Manager, federal agency


“Working in concert with various project stakeholders on fast track new construction, tenant improvements and multi-state, multi-site campus facilities, Hargis has successfully served our national growth needs on over 1,400 projects nationwide. Their team’s ability to provide project success for facilities in remote locations that require responsiveness to project team members operating in different time zones; unexpected need to accelerate the schedule; or the need for additional services to meet our commitment to those we serve is extremely valuable.”

  – TSG Infrastructure Facilities, national financial institution


“…Hargis’ project managers’ communication, knowledge, follow through and proactive approach as consultants on our projects has been, without a doubt, excellent….they have been a continuous partner in one of the most difficult remodels we have done. Their input during our ISG meetings over the years has been invaluable. These are just a few examples of their contributions that have allowed ISG to be successful.”

– Project Manager, international retailer