We are a career-minded organization that believes in a mutual investment in professional growth for the betterment of our clients. This formula has fueled a 60-year history that has turned candidates into future leaders and referrals into long-standing client relationships.


“…I didn’t know much about the consulting industry since there wasn’t a lot of exposure to it in school. What I’ve found is a blend of engineering, business and hands-on learning. My career continues to evolve as I face new possibilities, and that for me is why there is so much potential for personal and professional growth.”      

- ‘03 University of Washington Graduate

“As a natural problem solver, I’ve always been interested in engineering. At Hargis, I have been exposed to a wide variety of clients and project types. This diversity has given me the chance to enjoy new challenges with each project, capitalize on career growth opportunities, and really find job satisfaction.”       

- ‘99 University of Washington Graduate

“Consulting utilizes a broad range of skills because every project presents a unique set of challenges. Hargis promotes a positive work environment through mentorship, career opportunities and the chance to work in different markets and be part of the creative process. The opportunity to work through each phase, from conceptual ideas, into developing the design, and culminating in being able to walk into a finished building, is very rewarding.”      

- ‘93 University of Washington Graduate

“By providing me with mentors and allowing me to be involved in every facet of a project, I have ownership of my work and get to collaborate with a successful team. This epitomizes how Hargis is devoted to nurturing my technical and project leadership skills, and why I have found a lot of satisfaction in this partnership.”      

- ‘04 Washington State University Graduate

“I’ve always liked solving problems and figuring things out. At Hargis, I put these technical skills into practice and collaborate with design teams to offer solutions. As a leader of our retail group, I am presented with opportunities every day to help well-known clients identify how systems can enhance their brands and bottom line.”      

- ‘89 Washington State University Graduate

"I enjoy the challenge of converting a client’s vision into reality through a design that balances sustainability and function while being cognizant of the economics."       

‘02 Seattle Pacific University Graduate

"I have a passion for contributing to a client’s understanding of design options, industry standards, and code requirements to develop a creative, tailored solution that is responsive to their unique program."   

  • ‘04 Seattle Pacific University Graduate