From initial investment through ongoing operations, we look to the longevity of systems to develop options that advance owner objectives. As a result, we have contributed to and pioneered a number of firsts that are influencing how systems are designed and projects are delivered.


1994 introduced first heat recovery system in educational environment
2001 worked with authority having jurisdiction to introduce the VRF system to the permitting process and secure approval 
2004 participated in pilot grant project and criteria development for Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (state LEED® equivalent standard)
2006 used science to illustrate the benefits of a hybrid displacement ventilation system - 1st in the state constructed

gained attention for advancements in displacement ventilation:

     consulted with State of California to develop Standard

     shared lessons learned with US Department of Energy

2009 VRF adopted as part of the RS-29 2009 Energy Code change
2011 VRF system introduced to King County Transportation Department, Metro Division, installed as first application and integrated into division standards
2011 collaborated with King County Transportation Department, Metro Division to apply Project Management Institute's Project Management best practices to refine division's approach to capital improvements


1995 introduced condensing boiler systems to various project applications throughout Washington
2001 paved the way for VRF systems to be code compliant in multiple states, engineering the first system in Washington State as a tenant improvement
2005 developed evolution in central plant ground source heat pump systems for  24/7/365  operating center that manages and operates critical public infrastructure
2007 couples benefits of radiant floor heating with ground source heat pump for one of the first public institution applications in Washington
2009 engineered first dual core heat exchanger systems in the state, installed in The Evergreen State College and Pierce County Skills Center. Advances with 90% efficiency 11 years later
2012 initiated voluntary study of 400 public institutions to study over 100,000 data points to benchmark energy performance


 2004 engineered mechanical systems for University of Washington | Tacoma - 1st LEED® Silver certified higher education facility in Washington

achieved 2 firsts with LEED® Gold certification:

highest level of certification for any State of Washington Department of Correction building

largest and highest LEED certified campus in the nation at the time of completion

 2010 engineered mechanical systems for 1st LEED® Gold certified laboratory for a higher education institution in Washington
 2010 advanced high-end specialty fashion and housewares retailers’, financial institution’s, restaurant and 2 grocers’ sustainable commitments, achieving 6 LEED registered projects in the US and Canada
 2014 completed the largest correctional health care center complex project in US history to LEED® silver standards: 90+ buildings, 1.855 million sf | Stockton
  Contributed to the city of Seattle's commitment to sustainability with:
 2001 one of the first waterless urinal installations in the country into the Seattle Center
 2015 four LEED® certified public safety buildings, including one of the highest ranking fire stations in the Pacific Northwest: Fire Station 20, LEED® Platinum


Direct Attach termination and testing methodology for Building Automation Systems and the ANSI/TIA-862-A: Building Automation Systems Cabling standard

Product development/ refinement

Connectivity copper and optical product solutions with manufacturers

Telecommunications equipment rack, server enclosure and cable management product solutions with manufacturers

Access control and CCTV camera surveillance operating systems to enhance performance

Coordinating with network and server hardware integrator groups for efficient system activation and cost savings

Independently verified copper and optical fiber solution programs for open architecture structured cabling solutions

Optical fiber link loss calculator that enabled designers to characterize Laser Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMF) and connectivity for application migration verification

Harmonizing copper and optical fiber cabling performance in a worldwide global manufacturing environment

Pre-terminated optical fiber solutions that deployed loose tube technology for MPO terminations. Enabled the benefits of miniaturization for high density data center environments

Standardization of Ethernet and Fibre Channel optical fiber transceiver modules utilized in a manufacture nonspecific open architecture environment


Co-authored Washington State Department of Corrections Electronic Security Guidelines

Developed master plan for Washington State Department of Corrections Security Video & Network

Developed master plans for cities of Kirkland and Seattle's  enterprise network architecture to improve system performance and support ongoing network life-cycle upgrades. 

Developed master plans for four higher education institutions' campus life safety and telecommunications systems


2000- present established and continuing to deploy electronic security standards to leverage benefits of an integrated telecommunications/ IP-based infrastructure across public and private enterprises

Assessed city of Bellevue Parks & Recreation Department life safety systems across 36 sites

Authored enterprise corporate office space telecommunications standard for online web services and retailer

Authored enterprise fulfillment center security standard for online web services and retailer

Authored enterprise corporate office space security standard for Fortune 500 Canadian operations