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Executing projects on a global basis is a balance of technical aptitude, consulting insight and the ability to be adaptive to diverse cultures. Our contribution to international projects affords us first-hand knowledge and experience with new technologies, advancements in code requirements and tailored project delivery methods. Repeated throughout our 60-year history, we have garnered effective working relationships with the various entities that contribute to project success beyond the owner stakeholder group, namely contractors, manufacturers, vendors and Authorities Having Jurisdiction. This engagement with every contributor to project success is backed by our involvement in serving on industry regulatory committees, code review boards and standards committees in the interest of our clients. As trusted consultants, we help navigate potential risks to budget, schedule and on-going system operations in the best interest of the owner.

in their own words

"In my career, it has been rare to find such good collaboration between the real estate team and the infrastructure buildout team. Each of you was personally instrumental, in my opinion, in setting-up the relationship for success, and delivering above-and-beyond, consistently. I admit to being a demanding client, but you have always met (and even raised) the bar!"

 Head of EMEA Global Real Estate & Facilities
online retailer & web service provider


"Working in concert with various project stakeholders on fast track new construction, tenant improvements and multi-state, multi-site campus facilities, Hargis has successfully served our national growth needs on over 1,400 projects nationwide. Their team’s ability to provide project success for facilities in remote locations that require responsiveness to project team members operating in different time zones; unexpected need to accelerate the schedule; or the need for additional services to meet our commitment to these we serve is extremely valuable."

TSG Infrastructure Facilities
Seattle-based Financial Institution


"The quality of the design deliverables issued by Hargis is extremely good and one of their strongest points of recommendation. They document aspects of electrical and mechanical systems that other engineers leave for the subcontractor to explain, which normally leads to change orders and animosity. I have the highest regard, however, for the level of innovation and efficiency that Hargis has brought to our buildings. They have led several initiatives to reduce our electrical and air conditioning systems, each with significant cost savings to our capital construction and operational budgets.  I offer my unconditional recommendation of Hargis to any building owner seeking a best-in-class MEP engineering firm."

Director of Construction
International Housewares Retailer