planning for day 1 and day 2 operations

The best coordinated design can be foiled by lack of accessibility to specified equipment. By the time this misstep in planning is realized, the clock is ticking and compromises to the project are ensuing. Likewise, if visibility to the enterprise global need is limited, project teams can be competing for common product and pushing the market upwards.

 Hargis reverses these oversights, and in some cases industry accepted norms, by having positive relationships with key global manufacturers and their associated supply chains.  We utilize these direct relationships to support clients’ supply-side sourcing by creating visibility to pricing, inventory, forecasted need and sourcing options. This restructures the ‘transactional’ procurement process to a program-minded strategy that benefits the client.  It also aids manufacturers in planning and forecasting production to help level set their operations.

From an ongoing operational perspective, the client is sourcing a product customary to their local supply chain. This aids in Day 2 operations, should additional product be needed.