public backbone

Those who administer public infrastructure face different challenges than their private counterparts. Subject to public opinion, contracting regulations and stricter code requirements, they balance programmatic requirements with the need to plan and maintain facilities they own and operate for the life of the building. Couple this with a varied funding cycle, and system programming and planning become critical to the ongoing operation of these institutional environments. Hargis has made significant contributions to revitalizing and extending the life of public facilities.

Feasibility Studies, Assessments & Master Plans

Merging utilization patterns with technology forecasts and industry trends, agencies engage us to support their master planning and funding requests for capital and maintenance projects. We blend their vision with our technical insight to develop approaches that support the mission of the institution. Backed by our knowledge of the various budget request processes and mechanisms for funding capital improvements, we have demonstrated proficiency in positioning institutions to maximize their budgets and project approach options.

Life-Safety Campus Planning & Upgrades

Critical campus infrastructure planning and upgrades require a slightly different approach to campus master planning. Sometimes it is revealed that the existing infrastructure is at capacity or legacy systems are nearing end of life as new programs or structures are being conceptualized. The challenge then lies in the age and condition of the existing systems and the far reaching impacts of replacing within an operating environment. This is especially the case in terms of fire alarm, telephony, radio and security systems. Our work within the spectrum of public spaces from the highest-utilized, most secured environments to those designed for most vulnerable, we have developed solutions for the spectrum of public spaces.

Telecommunications/ Security

Evolutions in technology and adoption into daily operations have elevated the role of the telecommunications backbone infrastructure. Transitioning beyond a conduit for connectivity, agencies are evaluating how to leverage their current investments, create equity across their enterprise and utilize technology for the next generation of capital planning, especially as they migrate to an IP-based security system approach. Hargis has been at the forefront of these efforts as owners turn to us for our knowledge of physical (Layer 1), data link (Layer 2) and network (Layer 3) infrastructure and experience throughout the public operating space.

Medium-Voltage Power Distribution Systems

Legacy systems compounded by changing safety requirements, expanding campuses and critical program applications more dependent on reliable and robust electrical infrastructure are taxing institutions’ medium-voltage power distribution systems. In response to facility growth and equipment operating beyond their end-of-life expectancy, owners are faced with the challenge of cost-effectively upgrading systems while migrating from single point-of-failure configurations, improving operational flexibility within live, operating campus environments. Implemented across owners' operating enterprises, Hargis is planning and deploying solutions to respond to the unique and evolving operating needs of detention centers, health care facilities and academic institutions.