conservation strategies

The coined phrase for recycling solid materials is directly applicable to current energy conservation strategies. Reduce, reuse and renew are common terms used to develop integrated building operating systems responsive to project objectives.

Reduce – accounting for programmatic and code requirements, professionals work together to evaluate options to infuse higher efficient systems that align with performance objectives. Assessing and retrofitting the building’s envelope, along with heating, cooling and lighting systems, creates an opportunity to improve overall building performance and reduce energy and water consumption.

Reuse – opportunities to redirect typically wasted energy/resources back into the building’s operations is an area of several recent advancements in research and system technologies. New solutions are being brought forth to the marketplace that are improving the overall building efficiency and revitalizing our existing building inventory with smarter systems without the extreme retrofitting and financial commitment for mass renewable systems.

Renew – to introduce new power sources to the site without requiring further demands on mass utilities, teams look to natural renewable energy sources.

As technical consultants, we build on these ideas to optimize resource conservation strategies based upon desired outcomes. As consultants, we place equal importance on engineering for the human factor by accounting for how the systems will be maintained and operated over time.