specializing in the sophisticated systems

Proficient with world-class research facility design, we have proven strategies for developing solutions responsive to scientific research, safety requirements and project objectives within laboratory environments. Our portfolio of research facilities features renovated and new spaces programmed to support bio-safety classified laboratories. 

“Often times with contractor support you get the level of support that’s written in to the contract.  While this is true with Hargis Engineering, it does not fully recognize the personal factor; it doesn’t recognize that true success depends upon the willingness and dedication of individuals.  Hargis’ performance in this recent operation reflected the highest level of professional expertise and personal desire to provide outstanding customer service.”

Region 10, Manchester Laboratory

Novo Nordisk

Planning, programming and design tenant improvements to house a research vivarium and biosafety level 2 laboratory. Bridging tenant and landlord systems, we incorporated central plant upgrades, multiple new generators, HVAC supply and exhaust equipment and a UPS system to serve critical laboratory loads and provide zero downtime.

  500 Fairview Research Center II, Seattle  530 Fairview Research Center, Seattle


  • Standalone variable air volume (VAV) supply air handling unit with heat recovery
  • Manifold VAV fume exhaust system for 15 bench-top fumehoods with a redundant fumehood exhaust system at the roof
  • 58 ft. vented walk-in enclosures for lab equipment
  • Chemical/Flammable storage cabinets and snorkel-hoods
  • Separate fume exhaust risers to isolate fire-control zones
  • Laboratory compressed air and vacuum systems
  • Specialty gas (Nitrogen, CO2) piping air and vaccuum system
  • Acid waste neutralization system
  • Standby emergency power for all systems to continue operation during failure of normal power


  • VAV supply air from the building shell & core systems with heat recovery
  • VAV fume exhaust and general exhaust air systems.
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to provide supplemental cooling to offset heat gain from laboratory equipment and to minimize make-up air flow/requirements
  • Space conditioning for Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers (GCMS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment 
  • Specialty gas piping systems (N₂, O₂, CO₂, Argon, Helium)
  • Chemical/Flammable storage cabinets
  • Standby emergency power for systems to continue operation during failure of normal power


  • Technical programming and design criteria to comply with NIH & AAALAC guidelines
  • Standalone 24/7 VAV supply and exhaust air handling systems with heat-recovery
  • System capability for adjusting room temperature between 60⁰F to 85⁰F depending on variable research requirements.
  • Ventilated cage-racks systems in animal holding rooms. Ventilated Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • Separate exhaust system for cage washers
  • Room supply/exhaust airflow offset controls to maintain required pressurization
  • O./D.I. water circulating system
  • Animal drinking water system
  • Animal waste disposal system
  • Specialty gas (O₂, N₂, CO₂) piping systems
  • Separate boilers to provide standard and clean steam (using D.I. water) to suit respective cage-wash equipment requirements
  • BSL 1 & 2 Rooms


Contributing to Sightlife's mission, we programmed the office and lab upgrades for the San Francisco operation and carried out the commercial office and Class 100 Clean Room tenant improvements to support the cornea preparation for storage functions in the Seattle location. The sophisticated equipment in the labs has strict temperature and humidity controls to support the procedures within the space.  The sensitivity of the lab requires a 1° +/- rise/fall rate with capabilities to hold temperature and humidity settings.

 1200 Sixth Avenue, Seattle (2 Floors, 28,000 sf)
Standalone air handling system coupled with heat-pump connected to the building condenser water system

Standalone air handling system that provides HEPA filtered air

Series fan-powered air terminal units connected to building AHU for each floor, serving all rooms except the Clean Room

Isolated clean room with vestibule, clean room fans and HEPA filters

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In providing IDIQ services, we have been actively involved with the EPA’s regional laboratory needs for over a decade. Our leadership team has been engaged with the ongoing upgrades and renovations at the Manchester Lab (Region 10), as well as system-driven upgrades at the Newport (Region 10) and Houston (Region 6) facilities.

Steam Boiler Plant
Steam to Hot Water Converters and Heating Water Pumps
Variable Primary Chilled Water Plant and Pumps
Air Handling Units and VAV Terminal Units
Exhaust Fans
Laboratory Fume Hoods and Laboratory Controls
Airflow and Pressurization Control in all Laboratory Areas
Domestic and Laboratory Hot Water Systems

University of Washington

For nearly three decades, Hargis’ team members have collaborated with design teams and the University of Washington’s staff to develop new, renovated and modernized science and research facilities. Our portfolio of research facilities includes major capital improvements throughout the Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Complex (HSC) to address animal care labs and vivariums, and numerous bio-safety classified laboratories' programmatic needs.

The remodel of three BSL-3 laboratories at the T-wing facility. Initiated by a study, the work removed and upgraded mechanical and electrical systems within the occupied, operational building.

Renovation of five rooms and an adjacent corridor at the university’s Primate Center. Features a new cage-wash and sterilizer facility for an existing vivarium, the BSL-2 lab was renovated within an operating, occupied facility.

Following the feasibility study, a 15,000 sf space was retrofitted to support the Primate Center’s program.

Initiated as a feasibility study, the project expanded to include 3 separate projects and 3 additional wings. The 95,000 gsf upgrade improved the seismic structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC infrastructures throughout the 6-story building and partial upgrades to wings F, G and I, which host BSL-1 and BSL-2 laboratories.

A system study and upgrade of the 30,000 sf facility's supply, return and exhaust air-handling systems that serve BSL-1 and BSL-2 laboratories.

“...this project was labeled the most difficult and complex renovation project ever attempted within the HSC (Health Sciences Complex).”

“The mechanical bids were close to the budget even though this was still a very volatile bid climate. We learned afterwards that the bids were lower than expected because of the high quality of your documents.”

“At the end of the project, we were below budget and on schedule. Our change order rate was an unheard of low amount of 3.7% in this very complex renovation. The number of requests for information was low and the work was well done.”

Senior Project Manager
UW Captial Projects

“Hargis knows the right questions to ask and what details to verify to make sure their proposed designs are workable and efficient. When working with them, their “can do” spirit and creativity enables the entire design team to work more surefootedly and efficiently. I feel they are good listeners and have a strong commitment to quality.”

Project Manager
University of Washington

“...has had a major positive impact on the welfare of a number of projects at the UW Seattle campus most notably Magnuson Health Science Center {MHSC) H-Wing Renovation, MHSC K-Wing Cagewash, Kincaid 3rd floor renovation and Bloedel 110 Biofuel Lab. All of these projects consisted of many unique challenges and complexities which required design creativity and excellent project management of strict project budgets and schedules.”

Facilities Engineer
University of Washington Campus Engineering



Baccalaureate & Baccalaureate-Ready Spaces

As social demographics and advancements in technology drive demand for a prepared health sciences workforce, two-year institutions are responding with capital investments in baccalaureate-level program spaces. These highly sophisticated research and simulation labs are creating access to hands-on experience that comply with four-degree accreditation. Our contribution has influenced the future design of such spaces as well as engineered the integrated solutions that uphold stakeholders’ objectives.

Pamela J Transue Center for  Science & Engineering
Science & Technology Building
Harned Center for Health Careers
The 77,000 sf building features chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences, and anatomy/physiology laboratories, and instructional classrooms. One of the early installations in a two-year institution, the facility became a model for other institutions.

• VAV fume hood exhaust
• 4 central, custom manufactured VAV air handling units
• 2 high-effeciency chillers
• 2 natural gas-fired boilers

 A 63,000 sf building host the college's first baccalaureate program. It features 16 laboratories, instructional classrooms, a study center and offices. While the original goal was to attain LEED® Silver, the building achieved LEED® Gold certification.

• 32 Fumehoods
• Manifolded VAV Fume-exhaust system
• Heat Recovery/Energy Conservation

 A 70,000 sf, LEED® Gold certified facility that features flexible, technology enriched instructional spaces for the health, nursing and medical training programs. The center supports programs in high demand and hosts one of the college's first baccalaureate programs: Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Information Management.

  • Central Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)
  • Variable speed Heating and Cooling water systems pumps
  • Two variable speed supply air handling units
  • Two heat recovery units (90% efficiency) for outdoor ventilation air
  • VAV air terminal units
  • CO2 and Occupancy sensors
  • DDC monitoring & controls system
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures and landscaping for water conservation


Kincaid Hall, 3rd Floor North remodel
T-Wing, Interprofessional Education (IPE) Lab, Pre-Design
T-Wing, Nursing Simulation Lab
T-Wing School of Nursing Options Study
T-Wing T-652 Remodel
BB1313 & BB1309 Remodel
Bio-Physics Lab Remodel (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)
BL3 Lab Study & Cooling Modification
Chemistry Research Lab Remodel (BSL-1 labs)
Cosmogenics Lab Remodel (BSL-1 labs)
D-Wing Zheng Lab Pre-design (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)
E- Wing 072 Electron Microscope, Pre-design
H-Wing Room 101 Lab/Office Renovation (BSL-1  labs)
H-Wing Room 118 Immunology Lab Remodel, Pre-design (BSL-1 labs)
H-Wing 5th Floor, Institute for Precision Diagnostics
I-Wing Cognitive Research Center (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)
I-Wing BL3 Lab Study (BSL-3 labs)
I-Wing Gordon Lab Remodel (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)
I-Wing I-013 & I-021 Remodel Pre-design
J-Wing Room 014 BioChem CryoEM Remodel
Microbiology Lab Remodel (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)
Molecular Genetic Pathology Lab Remodel (BSL-1 & BSL-2 labs)