Building on the 4Ds of security design, we work with stakeholders to develop an integrated approach infused with operational efficiencies and regulatory compliant solutions. 

One of the unique factors that differentiates Hargis from other security consultants is our comprehension of physical cabling and pathways, network transmission, video applications and servers, and supporting infrastructure. Understanding how one influences the other leads to higher level of coordination across systems and drives cost efficiencies through a common network to support IP security applications. It also enables us to interface with responders and translate their requirements into technical solutions and properly commission and troubleshoot systems so they perform as intended. This creates value to the owner as the system is delivered on-time, within budget on day one.

Applying Our Perspective

Guidelines + Policies Specifications Converged Technologies
Developing a security standard that addresses the full building lifecycle offers a common roadmap that fosters a reduction in total cost of ownership. One of the most overlooked coordination points in security design is door hardware. Localizing the standard, we incorporate a door hardware schedule in the construction documents that identifies the type of door, locking mechanism, and operations. Transporting security information over the telecommunications backbone infrastructure, we leverage our knowledge distribution pathway strategies, the type and priority of the information transmitted over the network to develop a fully integrated system that leverages the advantages of converged technologies.

Our efforts to serve 30-site enterprise (13,880 occupants) plan, program, design and deploy their converged security system is proof positive of our capabilities. Reliable video security footage used as evidence to refute false allegations against key employees, aided in reclaiming $250,000 in property damage and provided positive return on investment 10-fold over a 3-year timeframe in cost reductions formerly accrued through rekeying, monitoring and legal fees.