integrated security: maximizing ROI

The convergence of electronic security and telecommunications systems has created a new path for clients to leverage capital investment to advance their surveillance and access control protocols. Cornerstone to fully realizing the benefits of these converged, or IP-based, systems is the ability of the devices and disparate systems to communicate in a common language and network protocol. Understanding what information is transmitted by each, how it is transmitted and prioritized within the network is critical to a well-integrated, well-executed networked security system. It is more than a “plug and play” approach. The technical nature of the cabling - physical (Layer 1), data link (Layer 2) and network (Layer 3) - influence the ability to realize the value of integrated systems.

When defining an integrated approach and deciding whether to adopt an IP-based system, it is also important to assess the criticality of the system’s performance in the event of a threat to person or property. Identifying the operation’s vulnerability to an event will aid in defining each system’s priority, an enterprise standard and subsequent localized adaptations in deployment. Hargis has been at the forefront of assessing and developing such solutions for enterprises operating on a local, national and global footprint.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Our efforts to serve a public institution with a 30-site enterprise (13,880 occupants) to plan, program, design and deploy their converged security system is proof positive of our capabilities. Reliable video security footage used as evidence to refute false allegations against key employees, aided in reclaiming $250,000 in property damage and provided positive return on investment 10-fold over a 3-year timeframe in cost reductions formerly accrued through rekeying, monitoring and legal fees.

Unobtrusive Loss Prevention

A Fortune 100 retailer engaged Hargis to lead their IP camera planning and deployment initiative. An evaluation of legacy systems was coupled with deployment strategies for converting existing analog based CCTV systems to an enterprise IP based system in support of the Loss Prevention group’s goal to improve security efficiencies, while preserving investments in existing infrastructure and reducing implementation schedule. The team was attentive in coordinating with internal network groups for bandwidth and identifying network protocol configuration changes to support the enhanced system.

Culturally Adaptive Solution

Retained by a Fortune 500 global professional services firm we developed security policies, corporate security guidelines and an electronic security standard reflective of their culture. The standard emphasized an approach to maintain a non-invasive system that complied with business and regulatory requirements that is inherently scalable in application by design (executive office to a full 18-story high-rise) and subsequently implemented into over 1 million sf of Class A office space.

Highest Level of Security

Hargis has been at the forefront of planning and implementation of converged technology platforms at the enterprise and local level for West Coast correctional and rehabilitation agencies. Serving the State of Washington, we have contributed to capital improvements at all 12 correctional campuses, co-authored the Electronic Security Guideline and Video Master Plan and deployment of $68 million in subsequent upgrades. Our contributions to the states of California and Alaska instituted new campuses under the Health Care Facilities initiative and Goose Creek Correctional Center respectively.