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Creating access to technology was the first evolution in the development of the digital age. Now, as stakeholders seek means to mobilize technology and make it available outside the confines of a predetermined space, access to wireless connectivity is shaping the future of how we learn, work and socialize. Leading this is the youth of today, tomorrow’s workforce, as they develop expectations around access to technology in spaces they interact with daily. We are working with stakeholders to balance those expectations with enterprise security protocols and capital investments benchmarks.

Early Influence in Education

Introducing an interactive educational experience influenced classroom design. Now, with a push to extend the learning environment to the outdoor classroom, students are accessing district resources to complete natural science experiments, collaborate on group projects and individual assignments in spaces conducive to personal learning styles. Five of the school districts we are currently working with on such initiatives rank in the top 26 largest districts in the state, representing over 123,775 students.

Reinforced Collegiate Experience

College students expect a mobile learning environment as part of the educational experience. The challenge to these institutions is upgrading the wireless and backbone infrastructure to support the higher density and bandwidth needs. Two- and four- year institutions have engaged us to evaluate their coverage, signal strength and quality, and develop recommendations to get the most out of their investment.

Evolving Workplace

Corporate campuses are modeling the collegiate campus experience. Planners are looking at the whole campus as an opportunity to increase productivity and creativity. This includes the exterior settings where unique viewpoints can attract group collaboration or personalized moments of reflection and inspiration. Likewise, workspaces are consolidating and becoming more flexible to promote mobility and collaboration.