leveraging technology

The advent of technology has opened up whole new possibilities. As it is adopted, streamlined and mobilized entities are finding new ways to leverage its capabilities to enhance their return on investment. From maintenance and operations, loss prevention and business line functionality, the systems that deliver on these advancements are carried over the converged telecommunications infrastructure and routed through the ever evolving telecommunications space. 

Automating Fulfillment920x920_kiva

Leveraging the power of technology has made one $279 billion e-commerce company a global household name. From web service hosting to fulfillment centers, Amazon has built an agile business model founded on technology services that moves at a similar pace. Matching the intensity of its design and construction schedule, we applied our consulting perspective to complete over 30 1 million square foot (or larger) fulfillment centers in less than 12 month’s time. To the unsuspecting eye, these understated spaces run on highly sophisticated Kiva robots employed to retrieve sortable items through the maze of towers on the fulfillment floor. Managed by signals transmitted over the wireless network, they are a critical component of driving down operating costs. Likewise, the 3,000 wireless access points and 26 IDFs that transmit that data are equally important to maintaining fluid operations and timely delivery of products.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Balancing system sophistication with operator expectations and energy efficiency requirements is creating more intellectual, integrated systems. Energy management systems (EMS) and building automated systems (BAS) are merging in the control center where sensor information is driving down energy consumption. Coordinating the mechanical, electrical, lighting and telecommunications systems at the equipment headend and in the control center is creating opportunities to apply analytics to uphold conservation expectations well after occupancy. 

Enhancing Securityext_Intercity_camera_banner

Converged technology is delivering multiple electronic functions over a common telecommunications infrastructure. Applying our knowledge of the interoperability and implications of the physical infrastructure and logical electronic network architecture we are optimizing systems, meeting immediate utilization goals and poising owners for future enhancements. Our efforts to deploy a converged security system for a 30-site (13,880 occupants) enterprise is proof positive of our capabilities. Reliable surveillance footage used as evidence to refute false allegations against key employees, aided in reclaiming $250,000 in property damage and provided positive return on investment 10-fold over a 3-year timeframe in cost reductions formerly accrued through rekeying, monitoring and legal fees.