Active around the world, we offer a global perspective with proven success for localized applications.

Service Entrance Facilities and Redundant Pathways for Multiple Service Providers and High Bandwidth Applications

Outside Plant Underground Pathway Infrastructure and Systems for the Campus Environment

Integrate Metropolitan Area (MAN)/Wide Area (WAN)/Local Area (LAN)/Storage Area (SAN) Network Architectures

Redundant and Scalable LAN Network Architectures

Wireless LAN Design

Telephony System Planning & Implementation

Flexible and Scalable Copper and Optical Fiber Physical Layer Infrastructures

Advanced Audio-Visual Systems

Multifaceted Broadband and Satellite Distribution Infrastructure

Integrating Virtualization, Server Consolidation and Cloud Computing Strategies

Establishing Electrical Efficiencies thru IP Convergence and Power-over-Ethernet (POE) Technology

Security CCTV (Analog & IP), Access Control and Intrusion Detection Managed on Open Architecture Systems Applications

Scalable Building Automated Systems Infrastructure for Facility Operation and Monitoring