Many industry visionaries call Seattle home. Amazon, Boeing, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, T-Mobile and Starbucks have built international brand recognition based upon strategic, well-integrated solutions between business objectives and capital planning. They also all have turned to Hargis for consulting services. In fact, several have utilized our market knowledge and scalable service reach to gain access to a team of consultants known for providing a higher level of quality and continuity.

Centralized Mobility

Headquartered in Seattle, we have developed processes and approaches that benefit clients operating national and international enterprises. Our relevant experience in commercial, retail and high-technology spaces around the globe affords us visibility to technology advancements, industry trends and fluctuations in the global market that influence capital improvement outcomes. Coupled with our integrated team consolidated under one roof and strategic global partnerships, we are able to provide scalable services reflective of a shared commitment towards client satisfaction.

Approach + Perspective

Integral to our success in serving such visionaries is our intentional approach to learning their business, how our expertise complements their needs and a streamlined path to deploying solutions. Critical to our approach is listening to discern shareholders’ values. We achieve this by committing a primary point-of-contact to serve as the program leader, who guides a team of qualified professionals to lead regional projects they are committed to serve from concept through closeout. In turn, these individuals become experts in the enterprise objectives, local applications and building relationships with those who influence the project success – from professional peers to tradespersons, manufacturers and authorities having jurisdiction. As a result, we earn the position as a trusted advisor and continue to expand our role and services within their enterprise…and earn personal relationships that are maintained at an individual level with a firm-wide backing.