Hargis Hargis

As communities grow


and neighborhoods are redefined


spaces emerge that draw us in, however

it’s the experience that brings us back.

Powerful experiences.
Exacting execution.
Designed by Hargis.


Hargis believes in relationship.

We celebrate the human element of engineering. Our goal is to provide you with a place to grow professionally, while also enjoying where you work on a personal level. We know that being relational is the key to success.


It’s personal.

Common values often lead to common interests.
While our professional aspirations bring us together, it is the diversity and size of our team where bonds are created and lasting friendships emerge.


It’s a team thing.

We like to have fun and celebrate our community.
Small group and company-wide activities are a great way to break the mold and enjoy relationships outside the workplace.


Giving back to our community.

Corporate and individual giving are core team values.
We provide opportunities to extend ourselves individually and collectively to community partners who address important issues.


Training future consultants.

Investing in the next generation is part of the Hargis DNA.
Our leadership team enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge
and support individual career growth.

Do you have what it takes?
The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to interface with multiple team members, be responsive to requests for services, thorough in completing assigned tasks, and most importantly have the attitude and aptitude for learning.


We hire for careers.

A mutual investment in professional growth.
With the same intentional approach we take towards client development,
we invest in our staff to realize their full potential.


Consulting engineers for the human element

mechanical • electrical • telecommunications • security • energy services
Our background may be scientific, but our application is for those who construct, occupy, operate and maintain the systems we design.


Delivering the natural element

HVAC • plumbing • energy management systems • refrigeration
We design the systems that feed the experiential sensation of a building – thermal comfort, clean air, flowing water – and interface with the human element.


Illuminating and energizing

low & medium-voltage power • emergency, critical & renewable power • lighting & controls • fire alarm
We bring spaces to life through power and lighting systems at the building- and campus-level.


Next generation utility

WAN-LAN-SAN networks • audio visual • IP & POE based infrastructure • outside plant • wireless LAN
We are planning, programming and designing the new utility that is keeping businesses connected, building systems in sync, and public services active.


Poising for return on investment

access control • intrusion detection • CCTV surveillance • command & control centers
We are skilled at developing systems that enhance safety and security operations while leveraging existing IT infrastructure investments.

Energy Services

Bolstering return on investment

investment grade audits • energy modeling • LCCA • benchmarking • measurement & verification
Leveraging the power of smart analytics and powerful software with human discernment, we are identifying opportunities for owners to conserve resources.

We are

Invested in healthy relationships

for a positive worklife experience.



July 1, 1955, Alexander Hargis opened an office in Downtown Seattle at the Lloyd Building on Sixth and Stewart giving birth to what is today’s Hargis Engineers.

Cautiously ambitious, the Navy veteran calls upon the architects who mentored him as a mechanical undergrad to earn the firm’s first small scale projects.


The fundamental value of serving people over projects contributes to the building of a local client base. The agile team of three is introduced to current-day Dykeman Architects, Everett School District, Highline School District, Safeway, and Providence | Everett.


The young firm weathers one of the most significant economic downturns in US history, while strategically hiring key personnel and investing in early digital technologies that help expand market reach and client base diversification.

Earning trust with emerging nationally acclaimed clients like current-day NBBJ, CallisonRTKL, and Nordstrom, the firm engages with large scale retail, commercial, and higher education projects.


Investment in public infrastructure coupled with private enterprise expansion opens new opportunities for the 40-person firm. Likewise, a transition plan for the second generation of leadership is activated to maintain continuity of service to the growing client base.


Advancements in technology and communications emerge as a driving force in enterprise environments. Hargis responds with what has become the largest team dedicated solely to telecommunications in the Pacific Northwest.

Applying experience with other national enterprise brands to serve a fast-pace financial institution’s expansion, setting the groundwork to serve future clients’ domestic and international expansion efforts.


Focus on market diversification and staffing stability aid the third generation of leadership in guiding the firm through two economic downturns. The 104-member team continues to serve with investments in professional licensing and certifications, introducing several industry firsts to new markets across the US, and firmly establishes itself as a preferred consultant to multiple public agencies along the west coast.


A decade of unprecedented change driven by technology and talent, we continued to be responsive to our clients’ needs. Growing to 180+ employees, expanding service offerings, and leading global Fortune 100, 500 and public enterprise efforts, we adapted to meet clients where they operate – locally, nationally and internationally.

1201 Third Avenue, Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98101

e communications@hargis.biz
t 206.448.3376
f 206.448.4450

The entrance to the parking garage is on Seneca Street, a one-way street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. There are also a number of neighboring garages.