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Specializing in interdependent systems, we drive innovation in the conditioned space, campus infrastructure, and the virtual environment.


HVAC Systems Design
Airside Systems – Heat recovery (flat plate, dual core, wheel), High-Performance Variable Air Volume Systems, Chilled Beams, Radiant Heating, Geo-thermal, Evaporate Cooling, Dehumidification/Humidification, Redundant Systems for Critical Environments, Heat Pump Systems, Dedicated Outside Air, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Force Flow Units, cleanrooms, Welding and Dust collection systems, Displacement and Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD)
Waterside Systems – Central Plants and Building Distribution, Chilled Water System Design, Boiler Plant System Design, Condenser Water System Design, Geothermal System Design, Heating Water System Design, Steam System Design

Plumbing System Design
Domestic Water Systems
Sanitary Waste and Vent Systems
Lab System Design
Food Service Plumbing and Grease Interceptors
Water Saving Fixtures
Solar Hot Water
Gray Water Systems
Water Harvesting – Roof drainage and rain leader systems
Specialty gas piping design
Domestic Water Heat Pumps

Refrigeration System Design
Central Rack System Design
Refrigeration Line Sizing Design
Refrigeration controls and defrost
Walk-in refrigeration/freezer systems
Refrigeration leak detection

Energy Management Control System Design
Fire Sprinkler and Suppression System Performance Design & Specification
Natural Gas, Water, and Sewer Utility Services Coordination


Campus Infrastructure Design
Medium Voltage Power Distribution Design
Electrical Distribution System Design
Grounding System Design
Utility Service Coordination
Emergency, UPS, Stand-by Power Systems Design
Power Device Controls Design
Control Systems Integration
Historic Building Systems Integration
Fire Alarm System Planning and Design
VFD and Motor Controller System Design
System Protection and Coordination
Power Quality Analysis
Arc Flash Studies

Interior/ Exterior, Controls, Protection 

Sustainable Design and Emerging Technologies:
Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging (EV) Infrastructure and Stations Integration, Battery Energy Storage System Application and Design, Power-over-Ethernet Building Energy and Resource Consumption Collection and Display Systems


Service Entrance Facilities & Redundant Pathways
Redundant & Scalable WAN/LAN Network Architectures
Right-of-Way & Easement Coordination
Building Automated Systems Infrastructure/Connectivity (HVAC, Energy & Lighting Controls Systems)
WAN/LAN for Voice, Data & Video
Outside Plant Underground Pathway Infrastructures & Systems
Multi-faceted Broadband & Satellite Distribution Infrastructure
High Density Storage Area Network Applications
High Bandwidth Structured Cabling Systems Architecture
Wireless LAN Design & Simulation

Analog & IP -based Infrastructure
Surveillance Video, Access Controls & Intrusion Systems
Intercom/Clock Systems
Audio-Visual Systems


Surveillance Video
Electronic Access Control & Door Hardware
Intrusion Detection/Prevention
Mass Notification/Emergency Communications
Panic/Duress Alarming
IP Networks & Transport Technologies
Server & Storage Area Networks
Parking Control/Point-of-Sale
Command & Control Facilities