Expanding Horizons

We all start somewhere, and we each have something to offer. This was the tale of our early beginnings and the way we approach being a good steward of our resources. As client advocates, we work with stakeholders to identify opportunities to engage small and Minority- and/or Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). 

We have established relationships with acousticians, architects, cost estimators, constructability review consultants, structural engineers, civil engineers, vertical transport engineers, lighting designers, landscape architects, fire protection engineers, and other industry partners with whom we share a portfolio of successfully executed projects. 


We work with our counterparts to understand and navigate client nuances – whether that is accounting practices, technical standards, or preferences for communication methods. We work with them through the proposal phase, to help them understand the level of effort, logistics, and other considerations that will impact their commitment and allocation of resources.


40+ sessions, American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Services (AIA CES) Provider
400+ educated on Clean Buildings Performance Standard Legislation
200+ educated Washington State Energy Code 
300+ registered attendees per Washington State Energy Code education series


Internally, we promote the value of elevating the industry’s knowledge base through education and mentorship. We work with our staff to understand the operating structure and potential risks to our sub consultant and mitigate those risks through communication and education. We work through energy code applications, project delivery methods, and outside factors influencing the design and construction of facilities. Over the years, this has translated into enhancing the overall deliverables and technical knowledge of small and MWBE businesses across multiple disciplines.