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Growth by Design

Our desire to be a trusted partner throughout the industry is reflected in our mission statement.

…to be a quality professional firm that provides our clients with value, a teamwork approach, and responsiveness to their individual needs. We approach this goal with enthusiasm and dedication in a workplace environment that stresses collaboration, professional growth, quality working experience, and respect for each individual.


Echoing our founding principle of “people over projects,” our team members are mentored in what it means to be human-centric in delivering professional services. Team members are coached to discern stakeholders’ objectives, seek 360-degree input, listen for technical and non-technical goals, and think like an owner with a consultant’s background. 

Likewise, team members are encouraged to hone their technical aptitude through professional development opportunities and earn industry-recognized credentials. These business fundamentals have afforded us the opportunity to serve clients’ global interests with engineers licensed in all 50 states, seven Canadian provinces, and a strategic alliance in Europe.


Applying our human-centric approach we are effective at integrating into dynamic business structures, applying technical aptitude to serve the best interest of the enterprise, and navigating the local terrain. By operating in the best interest of the stakeholders while contributing to the overall project team, we have earned the coveted position as a preferred consultant to industry visionaries. In turn, we have expanded our reach to six continents, gained an understanding of unique operating environments, and built an in-house library of best practices for our diverse market sectors.