We have a real-world plan designed for young professionals entering the industry. No coffee errand running or copy-making here. Students from around the country compete for our annual, 10-week high-intensity internship program.


With nearly seven decades of service, Hargis is committed to training the next generation of consulting engineers and instilling a sense of purpose and excitement for everything we do. This is the ethos that defines our culture today. 

Make a Difference

Consulting engineers do more than make a ‘thing’ – they build partnerships and make a difference through purpose.
  • design spaces for the human element.
  • have direct impacts on the people you serve.
  • work with a talented team focused on a common goal.
  • build relationships beyond the project at hand.

At Hargis

The spirit of collaboration is a common focus of our team. Whether your career is just about to begin, or if you’ve been around for a while, five generations of staff are eager to guide you toward the next level of your career.

Let's Do this

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