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Being responsive to our clients’ needs is a key element of our approach to being consulting engineers. It is the foundation from which we are able to be responsive, reduce ramp-up time, provide stability, diversity and perspective to those who rely on us as a professional resource, as well as our staff who fulfill requests for services. We have hands-on experience in key markets throughout the US, and a proven ability to deliver enterprise objectives at a local level. As a result, we serve stakeholders’ interests in a broad range of applications.

Our ability to adapt and perform to meet client expectations has afforded us the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology evolutions, market trends, project delivery methods, and foster professional relationships beyond a single project engagement. Clients continue to engage us as we apply our perspective and technical aptitude to support their multifaceted operating portfolio.

Program Spaces

Administrative – open/ private office
Athletic Training Centers
Call Centers
Campus Infrastructure
Commercial Kitchen
Community Centers
Conference Center/ Lecture Halls
Core & Shell Systems
Correctional & Detention
Data Center
Educational – PreK-12
Educational – Under/Postgraduate
Educational – Vocational/ Trades
Emergency Responders
Gaming Media
Healthcare – Acute
Healthcare – Clinic/ Treatment
Healthcare – Long-term / Memory/ Behavioral
Healthcare – Urgent
High-Computing Centers
Industrial – Maker Spaces / Repair / Research
Laboratories – Hardware
Laboratories – Bio
Library / Media Centers
Performing Arts
Rehabilitation & Institutional
Retail – Convenience
Retail – Experiential
Retail – Grocery
Retail – Luxury
Studios – Recording / Content Capture