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Contribution is part of our DNA

As professionals, we are drawn to contributing to something greater than ourselves. This inherent attribute reaches beyond the desktop as we individually and collectively extend ourselves to others.


CommunityMatters is where our personal passions meet our willingness to act on behalf of a charity. We tap into our competitive spirit to raise awareness and funds for local charities, generating over $30,000 per campaign. Likewise, we celebrate opportunities to put ‘many hands to work’ for good.

Community Builders

Team members are encouraged to give the gift of time to help shore up community needs. Manifested as mentoring, volunteerism, or hands-on activism, we support their efforts to advance community causes. We celebrate our champions who serve the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) Washington Chapter, Architecture / Construction / Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program of Washington, and Rainier Scholars.

Champions with a Cause

Our annual corporate gift supports those in our local community who answer humanitarian, healthcare, career opportunity, and veteran needs. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with community champions such as Mary’s Place, Fred Hutch Cancer & Research Center, Children’s Hospital, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Evans Scholars, Folds of Honor, Fischer House, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and St. Jude’s.