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As the entertainment industry has migrated from the recording studio and multi-set filming locations, a new era of content capture is being ushered in with advancements in technologies. Visionaries have harnessed the power of technology advancements to create audio and video recording studios on a scalable measure. Creating environments that cater to influencers, producers, and high-profile talent, industry leaders are producing a beginning-to-end experience that is transforming the industry and reliant upon discreet, robust technology solutions to fulfill their mission.


Third-party testimonials have power. Capturing them in organic settings are golden opportunities for organizations to rise above and fuel their mission. Consider a conversation between a guest and an associate, where a mutual success is recounted in a conference room designed to duo as a content capture studio. With proper technology and permissions in place, that conversation can be recorded in the moment and reduce the time from origination to publication. 

Likewise, the organic nature of publishing consumable information relating to a trending topic offers an opportunity to be a thought leader in that subject matter.


Compartmentalized program spaces are being introduced into large, high-traffic areas, offering guests a quiet place for concentration and conversations. Reminiscent of the phone booth, these mobile apparatuses can offer content creators a space designed to professional studio’s specifications.


Advancements in digital technology are bridging talent and location to create a flexible, greater-than-life-size stage for video productions. The digital LED backdrop is connected to a robust, flexible network designed for multiple configurations, with redundant power for continuous operations, and lighting systems to support front and back-of-house needs. Discreetly integrated into the space are HVAC solutions to offset the high heat emitting devices with inaudible operating requirements, and vibration stabilizing infrastructure to maintain occupant comfort. Designed to attract top talent, these spaces, often themed with high-end finishes, require close coordination at every level – from system distribution pathways to end-devise location and finishes – to meet the program requirements in a single site or a campus setting.