Why Hargis? The Perpetual Question

Why do clients turn to Hargis?
Why do individuals choose to work here? 
We have to answer these questions with every new recruit, every project pursuit, and to satisfy our own unified response. 


Our approach to doing business, earning trust, and how we operate in our community comes back to how we keep the human element at the center of the conversation. We think about who will be impacted by our decisions, both personally and professionally. We frame our solution around their experience and how we can make their lives better through our role.


We foster client relationships that span decades, and personal professional relationships that span careers. As individuals move within the industry, they take us with them. By contrast, our staff tends to invest their careers at Hargis. Supported by mentorship, continuing education, a rewarding work-life experience, and an inclusive culture, we have a strong retention rate (17 years average among senior staff) and an ambitious team of emerging professionals to continue the Hargis legacy.